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Pet Grooming in London, KY

Treating your pet like royalty is what the pet grooming experts at Paws and Claws in London, KY, have been doing for 30 years. As the area’s leading groomer, we are committed to giving your pet an enjoyable experience that will make them excited to visit us!

Providing your fur baby with the high-quality, safest, and most comfortable pet grooming experience possible is our number one priority. We use industry-leading shampoos and conditioners that are safe for your pet and gentle on their coats, keeping your furry friend’s coat luxuriously clean and healthy until their next appointment. 

Dog grooming is important for your pup, who likely enjoys getting messy and frequenting the outdoors. We will keep your pet’s coat clean, trimmed, and free of fleas so you can keep your best friend healthy and clean all year long. 

Despite the theory that cats will keep themselves clean, cat grooming is still important. Keeping their claws trimmed can prevent damage to your furniture and even yourself! We also make it our priority to make certain your kitty has clean, healthy, and unmatted fur.   

Let us help you keep your four-legged friends groomed and healthy with the best pet grooming services in Laurel County. Call Paws and Claws to schedule an appointment today!


With more than 30 years of experience, our professionals will keep your pet safe throughout the grooming process. Our grooming experts have spent years keeping pets well groomed, helping them maintain a healthy coat.

Personal Touch

As we come to know your furry friend, we will learn what makes them comfortable when they come in for a visit. We will keep your pet at ease throughout the entire process.


Your four-legged friend can look like a million bucks without you having to break the bank. Our services are kept at the most affordable price possible so you can give your pet exactly what he or she needs.

Meet Our Team

April Elza
April Elza
A dog that gets pet grooming services in London, KY
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Cammie Creech
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Diana Elza
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Cathy Creech
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